Potential graduate students

I am currently looking for a highly motivated and qualified student interested in pursuing a M.Sc. degree under my supervision on a thesis topic related to my research interests. If you are interested, contact me by email and include the following: a brief descriptions of topics or specific research problems that interest you, an overview of any research experience you have, your curriculum vitae, your grade point average and a copy of your transcripts (in English). You might not get a reply if you do not follow the above guidelines.

If interested in a graduate degree under my supervision, you are encouraged to contact me as early as 18-24 months before your intended arrival to the UofM. Then, in case of mutual interest and agreement, we can work on a small research project which would be supervised remotely (for 6-12 months). If we are both satisfied with the outcome/workflow of that project, you would be able to apply formally in timely manner for graduate studies at the UofM.

Please visit the Graduate Studies section of the Department of Mathematics website for more information on application procedures and funding opportunities.

Sample problems

Mutually unbiased bases

Simplex conjecture

Whitney-type inequality for cubes

Current graduate students

  • Olena Usoltseva (PhD)

Former graduate students